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Looking around the internet for Tapas recipes, I found that there are no websites that are really dedicated to tapas. Yes, there are some, but usually the amount of recipes is limited, or they are dedicated to food in general rather then focusing on tapas. My wife is Spanish and we eat a lot of Spanish food at home, so a lot of tapas. Personally, I love tapas – they are very tasty and it gives you the possibility to try lots of different foods in very small portions. So I thought it was time for a website dedicated to this firm Spanish favourite: Tapas. I am no IT professional and I made this website in my spare time, so please be patient if it does not look as professional as other websites. You will find recipes with clear instructions, and I will also aim to add a photo to each recipe. So go ahead and enjoy the tapas recipes!

Depending on which region in Spain you are, you ask for Tapas, Pinchos or Pintxos. You can find lots of different recipes with a wide variety of ingredients. Also, we will add recipes frequently, so check back often and try a new recipe! If you have a favourite recipe that is missing and want us to add, then please contact us.

So whether you are looking for a tapas recipe, a pinchos recipe of a pintxo recipe, you can find them here. But what are the differences between the three? Aren’t they all the same? Well, the differences are subtle, but exist nevertheless:


T A P A S :

comes from the Spanish “tapar” meaning to cover. It was custom to cover a glass of wine or beer with a piece of jamon (Spanish ham) in order to prevent dust from entering the glass. Tapas usually are not served with bread.


P I N C H O S :

comes from the Spanish “pinchar”. Were small pieces of food that were “pinched” and held together with a toothpick or similar skewer.


P I N T X O S :

is the Basque version of tapas. Usually it is a piece of bread that is garnished with a local ingredient such as fish or vegetables. Pinxtos are always served on or with bread.

Learn how to make real Spanish tapas quick and easy! Enjoy Spanish cuisine and surprise your friends and loved ones with delicious tapas.

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