Coconut – Shrimp (Gambas) soup / Amuse Bouche

[recipe title=”Coconut – Shrimp (Gambas) soup / Amuse Bouche” servings=”4″ time=”60 minutes” image=false difficulty=”Medium” ] [recipe-ingredients] – 10 cl. coconut milk – 8 peeled large shrimps (for presentation purposes its nicer if they still have their tails) – 400 gr. (14 oz.) of white beans – 1 tablet of vegetable stock – 1 onion – 10 cl. creme fraiche...

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Chicken Rillettes with Ricotta, Coriander and Pine Nuts

[recipe title=”Chicken Rillettes with Ricotta, Coriander and Pine Nuts” servings=”6″ time=”30 minutes” image=false difficulty=”Medium” ] [recipe-ingredients] – 150 gr. (5.5 oz.) of chicken (you can also use leftovers that have already been cooked or roasted) – 3 Tbsp Ricotta cheese – 50 gr. (2 oz.) of pine nuts – Fresh Basil – Fresh Coriander – 1 clove of garlic...

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Beetroot Chips

[recipe title=”Beetroot Chips” servings=”4″ time=”1.5 hours” image=false difficulty=”Medium” ] [recipe-ingredients] – 2 red beetroots – Extra virgin olive oil – Coarse Sea Salt – Black Pepper – Thyme [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Preheat oven to 120C (248 F). 2. Wash the beetroots and cut them into thin slices, using a grater. 3. Place the thinly sliced...

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