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Apple-Cucumber Soup / Amuse Bouche
Artichoke Spread / Dip
Aubergine Spread / Dip


Bacon and Ricotta filled Mushrooms
Beef Carpaccio and Parmesan Cheese Brochettes
Beetroot Chips
Bread with Bacon and Cream Cheese (Montados con Beicon y Queso)
Bread with Chorizo and Garlic (Montados con Chorizo y Ajo)
Bread with Manchego Cheese and Garlic (Montados con Manchego y Ajo)
Bread with rubbed tomato and jamon (Spanish ham)


Carrot Brochettes
Cheese Chips
Cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella Brochettes
Chicken Meatballs with Sesame Seeds
Chicken Rillettes with Ricotta, Coriander and Pine Nuts
Coconut - Shrimp (Gambas) Soup / Amuse Bouche
Cod filled Egg Pintxos (Pintxos de Huevo relleno de Bacalao)
Courgette and Almonds Pesto
Creamy Salmon-Shrimp Spread


Gorgonzola - Pear Spread / Dip
Green salad with Cantaloupe Melon, Shrimp, Jamon and Tomatoes (Ensalada Verde con Jamon, Gambas y Cantaloupe)


Ham and Fruit Salad (Ensalada de Jamon y Frutas)
Ham, Feta Cheese and Pineapple Verrines
Ham, Walnuts and Cream Cheese Brochettes


Iberico Sandwiches (with Spanish Ham) - Bocatas Ibericos


Lettuce with Shrimps in Cognac Sauce (Ensalada con Gambas al Conac)


Onion Confit


Paprika - Goat Cheese Mousse
Paté with Melba Toast and Plantain Chips (Pate con Chicharritas)
Pinchos from smoked Herring, Potato and Apple (Pincho de Arenque, Patata y Manzana)
Pinchos with Egg Fish Salad (Pinchos de Ensalada de Pescado y Huevo)
Pinchos with Ham and Pineapple (Pinchos o Banderillas de Jamon y Piña)
Pinchos with Shrimps and smoked Salmon (Pinchos de Gambas y Salmon)
Pinchos with Shrimps, Bacon and Guacamole (Pinchos de Gambas y Beicon con Guacamole)
Pinchos with stuffed Olives and Anchovy (Pinchos o Banderillas de Anchoas)
Pinchos with Tomato and Mozarella (Pinchos o Banderillas de Tomate y Mozzarella)
Pintxo of Chiabatta with Cooked Ham, Cheese and Pickle (Chapatas con Jamon de York, Queso y Pepinillo)
Pintxo of Tuna with Paprika Rolled in Omelette (Pintxo de Bonito con Pimentos enrollado en Tortilla Francesa)
Pintxos with Anchovy and Tomato (Pintxos con Anchoas y Tomate)
Pintxos with Ham, Fried Paprika and Tumaca (Jamon con Picadillo de Piementos Fritos y Tumaca)
Pintxos with Spanish Ham and Salami (Pintxos de Jamon y Salchichon)
Pintxos with Spanish Salami and Pickled Gherkins - Salchichon y Pepinillos
Pork Loin and Cream Cheese Dip (Dip de Magro de Cerdo y Queso)


Rolls of Spanish Ham and Brie (Rollitos de Jamon con Brie)
Rolls of Spanish Ham with Asparagus (Rollitos de Jamon con Asparragos)


Salad from Smoked Salmon, Shrimps and Avocado (Ensalada de Salmon Ahumado, Gambas y Aguacate)
Salmon and Cream Cheese Pintxos (Rollitos de Salmon y Queso)
Salsa Brava
Scallop Brochettes
Shrimp Salad (Ensalada de Gambas)
Sliced Bread with Anchovy and Egg (Montado de Anchoa con Huevo)
Sliced bread with jamon (Spanish ham) - Montados de jamon
Sliced bread with tomato and Spanish ham (jamon)
Sliced Bread with Tuna, Cream Cheese and Chives (Montado de Atun con Queso)
Sliced Roasted Pork Belly Sandwich with Tomato and Cheese (Sandwich de Tocino Ahumado con Tomate y Queso)
Smooth Coconut-Pumpkin Soup / Amuse Bouche
Spanish Ham (Jamon Iberico)
Stuffed Fish Rolls (Rollitos de Pescado Rellenos)


Tarama or Taramosalata
Tortilla topped with Shrimps and Avocado (Tortilla montada de Gambas y Aguacate)
Tuna filled Egg Pintxos (Pintxos de Huevos rellenos de Atun)


White fish, Coriander and Lime Brochettes

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